How Can We Be Advocates for Our Children?

Easy Ways to Get Started

  • Become a member of our PTSA! The Inglewood PTSA works hand in hand with all the PTAs in our community and with Washington State PTA to work with legislators in Olympia. When you become a member, our group is larger and has a louder voice and greater impact at the state level to improve our schools.
  • Contact your state legislators as a PTSA member and lend your voice to those already working on your behalf. The more legislators hear from constituents, the more they know it is a TOP priority for us and them.
  • Contact your state legislator as a private citizen and parent. As an individual, you have the right to share your opinions and priorities which brings to light the concerns you have.
  • Sign up to receive updates and calls to action from the WSPTA Action Network Group

Who Are My State Legislators?

Washington State Legislative District Finder

District 45 Legislators District 8 Legislators

Representative Manka Dhingra (D)

Maria Cantwell (D)

 Representative Roger Goodman (D)

 Senator Patty Murray (D)

Representative Larry Springer (D)

Representative Kim Schrier